Bach flower oak
Bach flower oak
Bach flower oak
Bach flower oak

Oak 20 ml

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Bach Flower Oak (Quercus Robur)

A person needing Oak may well tell you that they don't have time to stop and take a Bach Flower Remedy.

The Oak person carries all the qualities of a winner - tremendous will power, courage, devotion to duty, strong powers of resistance, superhuman endurance, unbroken hope, and high ideals. Life is a struggle, and the Oak personality can meet it head on.

Unfortunately, when the Oak aspect of personality overrides others, the individual forgets to let his Higher Self be the guide, and does not allow himself to explore the playful, joyful, or tender-hearted moments of life.

People in need of this Bach Flower Essence often appear strong and gnarled. Others depend upon them for strength and guidance, and they never take the easy way out of any situation. This is the person who sacrifices for her family, or for the good of the company without complaint. This is the man who fears dependency, and will never ask for help.

While this personality takes great pleasure in bringing joy to others, in the negative Oak state, he or she will deny themselves all personal pleasures.

As the negative Oak state becomes more pronounced, he may behave like a high performance engine, never stopping. But just like an engine, will be stopped by a breakdown when wear and tear and a lack of routine maintenance catch up with him. Along with a state of extreme exhaustion, this may come as a physical breakdown, as in an illness, or it may be a state of deep depression and despondency.

However, even during a breakdown, the Oak personality never gives up.

The Oak flower essence will allow this personality to begin following the impulses of the Higher Self and allowing the journey through life to be more pleasant. When energies begin flowing freely, heart, soul and vitality are rejuvenated.

While still "strong as an oak" the individual will now meet obligations to work and to others with a balance that allows time for rest, rejuvenation, and pleasure.

This is one of the Bach Flower Remedies that is indicated during recovery from a long term illness. When the patient has grown weary of the routines of recovery and the dependencies of an illness, Oak will provide the power to persevere.

Normally strong/courageous, struggling bravely against illness and adversity.

Bach flower essence prepared according to the original directions of Dr. Edward Bach.

Using wild plants that grow naturally in United Kingdom and produced using the sun method and the boiling method exactly like Dr. Bach instructed. Stored in Brandy 1:360 dilution.