Vibrational Healing

Adherents of Vibrational Medicine believe that when balance and harmony are restored in the chi energies of our mental, emotional, and physical states, healing at all levels can occur naturally.

Vibrational Healing

In addition to Feel Bach! flower essences, which uses the energies within flowers to re-balance the energies (vibrations) within the human body, Vibrational Medicine includes the use of herbs, Crystals and gemstones, light and colors, sound and musical tones, and focus on the elements of air, earth, fire, & water.

Each of these forms of Vibrational Medicine seeks to re-balance the chi energies within our bodies, and thus cure emotional or physical dis-ease (disease) at the root source rather than merely suppressing or masking the symptoms of that dis-ease. These living remedies are, of course, controversial, because results cannot be measured in the same way as conventional drugs.

Herbs do cause allergic reactions in some people, and certain herbs should not be used by pregnant women or individuals taking certain medications.

However, Feel Bach! flower remedies carry no side effects and pose no threat to babies, pregnant women, or the elderly. They can be used in conjunction with prescription medications with no fear of drug interactions or addiction.