Bach flower heather
Bach flower heather
Bach flower heather
Bach flower heather

Heather 20 ml

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Bach Flower Heather (Calluna Vulgaris)

We all know individuals who could benefit from this Bach Flower Essence. These are the people who are only concerned with themselves and their problems. They take no notice of yours, even when you are in a state of unhappiness over a recent event.

Everyone is at some time temporarily in the Heather state, but for some it becomes chronic, and their lack of empathy or concern for others is the state by which they are known. Often they are the butt of jokes among those who seek to avoid their company.

The extroverted person in a chronic Heather state will often "invade your space" by coming oppressively close when they talk to you, even as you seek to get away. In a group conversation, they'll find ways to continually bring the conversation back to themselves and their problems or triumphs.

Such people don't care who they talk to, as long as they can keep talking and someone will listen. These are the people you meet in a waiting room or on an airplane who tell you their entire life history, including every detail of all medical procedures and illnesses. They do not want to be left alone, so if alone, they'll get on the phone and talk for hours - almost always in sentences beginning with "I."

Two other Bach Flower personalities often become their victims: Centaury, who lacks the will power to get away, and Mimulus, who lacks the courage to simply walk away.

The introvert suffering from this state will turn inward, perhaps not saying much, but focusing entirely upon their own problems and concerns. This state of mind is obvious in his or lack of interest in the concerns of others.

A normal Heather state is seen in children who are in the ego development phase of childhood and who exuberantly tell you a lot about themselves. Children do need to express themselves, and need someone to listen.

But in the negative Heather state, that childhood need carries into adulthood. The adult remains the "needy child" and needs an audience from which to draw energy.

Few who observe the extreme Heather personality would recognize the needy child within, because they exhibit a strong and decisive front to the world.

Before treatment with Bach Flower Remedies, this personality cannot recognize that the love and attention they seek can only come from their own attention and care for the people and the world around them. Thus they try to take it by force, and it backfires - repelling those whose affection they want most.

In the positive Heather state, the talkers become good listeners. They develop great empathy and create an atmosphere of trust and strength in which others may feel comfortable.

Talkative, obsessed with own troubles and experiences.

Bach flower essence prepared according to the original directions of Dr. Edward Bach.

Using wild plants that grow naturally in United Kingdom and produced using the sun method and the boiling method exactly like Dr. Bach instructed. Stored in Brandy 1:360 dilution.