Would Feel5ive make a good gift for a graduate?

Would Feel5ive make a good gift for a graduate?

Would Feel5ive make a good gift for a graduate?

Yes, I think so. In fact, the more I think about it, I think it would make a perfect gift for anyone who is about to embark on a new adventure in life.

Feel5ive helps lessen anxiety, and since venturing into the unknown comes with understandable anxiety, nothing could be more perfect.

Consider a friend who has just landed a dream job - and is terrified about not measuring up - not making it through some horrible "probationary period" - not hanging on to that job.

Consider the high school graduate who is eager to head off to college in a couple of months – and terrified of being on his or her own for the first time.

Consider a new bride who is anxious to make a good impression on her sweetheart's family – by inviting everyone to dinner. Feel5ive can keep her calm enough to actually get the food on the table.

If you think about it, there are all sorts of positive life situations that can cause us to be filled with fear, anxiety, self-doubt, and apprehension. What could be nicer than to give a friend a gift of "Feeling better?"

I wonder if those aren't just the kinds of situations Dr. Bach was thinking about when he created this blend. We'll never know that, but those of us who know about the power of flower essences know that Feel5ive will help.

Who do you know who needs you to visit FeelBach! and order Feel5ive?