Worried about holiday entertaining?

Worried about holiday entertaining?

As the Holidays approach, anxiety can mount.

A season which is supposed to be filled with love and acceptance is sometimes filled with apprehension, especially for those who have unresolved conflicts with family members.

It could be the inability to say no to hosting the big family dinner, or the fear and dread of not being able to measure up after saying yes.

If an inability to say no is making you dread the holidays, turn to the Bach Flower Essence Centaury.

If you are perfectly capable of producing a fantastic feast, but your confidence lags when thinking of critical relatives, begin now to use Larch and Mimulus.

Get yourself in tune with your higher self now - and enjoy the holidays this year.

If you aren't quite sure which of the Bach Flower essences you need, go to Feel Bach! and take the questionnaire.