Wild Oat - For When it's Time to Stop Sowing the Wild Oats

Wild Oat - For When it's Time to Stop Sowing the Wild Oats

Coincidences and words both fascinate me. So when I noticed that the Bach Flower Remedy Wild Oat is used to help those who are uncertain find their true path in life, I immediately thought of young folks "sowing their wild oats" before settling down.

Young people do need to do that – a little – but when it becomes a life pattern, it's time to get help.

Wild Oat personalities are generally very intelligent – but can't seem to make up their minds about what they want to do. Unlike the Centaury personality, they aren't unduly influenced or manipulated by others. They just can't decide.

And the tough part is, because they are intelligent, they have a world of opportunity before them.

When I learn about the different Bach Flower personalities the image of a person usually comes to mind. In this case it's someone I never knew – a friend of my Mother's who bounced from one profession to another, even posing successfully as a veterinarian before he got bored and moved on.

If you're in a spot with a variety of opportunities before you, but can't decide which way to turn, try Bach Flower Therapy – with Wild Oat.