Why are so many children being diagnosed with ADD and ADHD?

Why are so many children being diagnosed with ADD and ADHD?

Why are so many children being diagnosed with ADD and ADHD?

Is it because more children are suffering with it, or because adults have less patience with kids being kids? Expecting kids to sit still all day in school, then come home and sit still is as unrealistic as me expecting my 5 month old puppy to lay quietly by my feet like a 10 year old dog.

Is it because of modern eating habits? The chemicals used for preservatives and flavor enhancements in pre-packaged prepared foods can't be good for any of us. And the way some children react to an overdose of sugar is apparent to even a casual observer.

But is food the only reason why there seems to be an epidemic of ADHD?

Perhaps it has a lot to do with kids not getting outside to run and play – and not being expected to help with the work. They simply have a reserve of physical energy that needs an outlet.

Perhaps it has to do with the over-stimulation of television and video games. Maybe it has something to do with both mom and dad needing to work outside the home, so they're both tired and stressed at the end of the day.

As with all things, the answer probably lies in a combination of things, but it's safe to assume that emotions play a large part in the ADHD epidemic.

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