When You're Too Tired to Care, Look to Olive

When You're Too Tired to Care, Look to Olive Do you ever get days or weeks when you're just too tired to want to do anything?

It might feel like physical fatigue (when you haven't done anything physical) or mental fatigue, but it certainly is debilitating. Olive is the flower essence to get you out of the funk and back on track.

If you're a natural Olive personality, this state is especially distressing. You're used to being up-beat, energetic, in-charge, and ready to take on everything life offers. And now, you just don't care to do anything. Some days you simply want to sit, or take a nap. You aren't even interested in reading a book or watching television.

Ignoring the symptoms of the negative Olive state can actually lead to physical illness, so it's best to nip it in the bud with the Olive flower essence. This blocked energy flow can cause reduced kidney function, reduced oxygen flow, and internal toxicity. In other words, it's nothing to ignore.

Olive is often used to help people who are recovering from a long illness - even alcoholism.

So if you've lost your normal energetic personality, get the Olive essence from FeelBach! and feel better quickly.