When fear is ruling your life, use Red Chesnut

When fear is ruling your life, use Red Chesnut

In 1933, during his first inaugural address, Franklin D. Roosevelt said "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself…"

That's easy to say, but for those who suffer from irrational fear, "fear itself" is a huge obstacle.

Fear prevents the sufferer from enjoying life - and from allowing his or her children and other loved ones to enjoy life.

Sufferers often exhibit irrational fear of illness - being afraid to take their infants out of the house for fear of being exposed to disease, being afraid to let older children play outside on cold days, and being afraid that every sniffle is a sign of debilitating disease.

They also worry endlessly if someone doesn't call when expected, and they try to discourage friends and family from participating in any activity that might carry a hint of danger. "What if" parents never fall asleep at night until their teen-aged children are safely home.

And it can get worse. A friend confided recently that until she got treatment she "dreamed up" fears. For instance, when her son said he was taking her grandson for a nature walk, she became afraid that her son might have a heart attack, leaving her 3 year old grandson alone and unable to find his way back to get help.

When that didn't happen, she worried that there might be a murderer in the parking lot when they retrieved their car to go home. That didn't happen, so she worried about a wreck on the highway. If this sounds like you, it's time to get help. Fear is ruling your life.

You need the Bach Flower Essence Red Chestnut. Most people who suffer from a negative Red Chestnut state do so for short periods of time, usually in reaction to an event. For some it can even be a reaction to a very happy event, such as the birth of a child. It can also be an occupational hazard. Counselors and nurses sometimes fall into this state. The danger is that like all destructive emotions, fear can multiply and become stronger if not checked.

If you feel yourself becoming overly fearful about the health and welfare of your loved ones, you probably need to treat with this Bach Flower Remedy. You'll feel better, and your family and friends will too.