What Bach Flower Users Say...

What Bach Flower Users Say... While the descriptions on the FeelBach! site and in the free brochure give you an accurate outline of which flower essence is needed for specific emotional disturbances, sometimes it's helpful to hear exactly how they affect individual users.

With that in mind, I've excerpted a message found on a curezone.com forum:

"Larch helped me with confidence in speaking, (sharing my ideas), feeling at peace in crowds, and has given me a sense of courage to try new things which I used to feel afraid to try from a "fear of failure". Larch has also helped me not to take other peoples comments personally & recognize that if a person says something unkind that it is THEIR PROBLEM not mine."

Considering that so many problems in life begin with our own insecurities - those insecurities that allow us to emotionally crumble over another's unkind comment - it's good to know that something as simple as a few drops of Bach Flower Essences can allow us to go forward without being crippled by other people's opinions.

The writer's further observation was that BACH remedies cure the issues at the Root. That is, of course, the reason why Bach Flower Essences can bring much greater relief than pharmaceuticals, which only strive to "cure" the symptoms.

We'd love to hear your experiences, too. So please do feel free to leave a comment...

One last note: If you don't have your copy of the Bach Flower Essences brochure, simply visit www.feelbach.com and request a copy. There's no charge!