Was Michelangelo a Clematis Personality?

Was Michelangelo a Clematis Personality?

Often, when we hear about the private lives of very creative, artistic individuals, we hear that they were not very much "with it" in regard to their daily interactions.

Some were thought of as eccentric or hermit-like. People marveled at the fact that humans who behaved in such odd manners could create such beauty.

The reason is that they were probably Clematis personalities.

In the negative Clematis state, people seem to tune out the real world around them and live solely "in their heads." They have little enthusiasm for either the good or the negative events in others' lives. In fact, they have little enthusiasm for their own lives. They simply aren't much interested in the physical world.

Doctors find them hard to treat, because they don't possess much instinct to survive. They aren't suicidal, they just won't mind if they die.

Unless allowed to be in a position of creativity, the Clematis person will retreat farther and farther into himself, preferring to sleep as much as possible.

After treatment with the Bach Flower Essence Clematis, this person will find renewed interest in the physical world, and will use his creativity to contribute greatly to those around him. He'll be vigorous in bringing his creative dreams to life, as a painter, a musician, a writer, a designer, etc.