Using multiple resources to find a solution

Using multiple resources to find a solution Not long ago a friend told me that he was annoyed by a nasty cold sore (fever blister) on his lip. It hurt and it was unsightly.

I said "There has to be a reason for it," and reached for my copy of Heal Your Body by Louise Hay. There I found that the source of cold sores is "Festering angry words and fear of expressing them."

Hmmm... I knew what he was dealing with and it made perfect sense. He had been angry and annoyed with someone he cares for and wouldn't express that annoyance for fear of hurting the relationship.

Next we went to FeelBach! for an overview of the 38 different Bach Flower Essences. We decided that Holly, Cherry Plum, Impatins, and Wild Rose were probably the correct choices. But, just to be sure, we went to the Bach Flower Reference Guide to read more about each of them.

Once our research was finished, we created a blend of those four Bach Flower Remedies and he began using it. By the next morning his cold sore was gone.

Having the ability to treat situations as soon as they arise is one reason to keep a set of all 38 essences on hand.