Using Flower Remedies Externally

Using Flower Remedies Externally

We generally think of Dr. Bach's essences as something we take internally to help re-balance our energies.

However, according to the book: Floral Acupuncture – Applying the Flower Essences of Dr. Bach to Acupuncture Sites, these healing essences are also effective when used externally.

The essences are used similarly to acupuncture, but instead of needles, practitioners apply a few drops of flower essence to points on a meridian. Then, as with acupuncture, the patient rests for about 45 minutes.

The book introduces each of the 38 essences, tells what each is used for, and offers photographs showing the proper application points. Thus, this is treatment that can be applied at home by anyone willing to study the book and the illustrations.

According to the testimonials, relief can come quickly. For instance, a teacher who was mentally exhausted from a conflict with another teacher used Hornbeam to regain her cheerful outlook and enthusiasm.

Hornbeam can also relieve varicose veins and help soothe tired eyes when used as a compress. Since tired eyes seem to be a chronic ailment in our computer-oriented society, and since commercial eye drops do carry risks, this is welcome news.

White Chestnut applied to acupressure points gave another reader relief from thoughts that kept going round and round, preventing her from moving forward. White Chestnut re-patterned her thought process.

Yet another reader reported that this method of using Centaury helped her to set boundaries in her life – and stop being a "yes-person." She used Centaury when faced with a specific situation.