Using Feel5ive as a First Aid Remedy

Using Feel5ive as a First Aid Remedy

We always think of Bach Flower Essences as an internal remedy, but they are far more. As the books on floral acupuncture point out, various remedies applied to the proper points on the body can be very beneficial.

Feel5ive is the remedy used to relieve stress - even when that stress is physical rather than emotional.

This formula can aid in healing of burns, sprains, stings, bumps or blows. Simply make a compress using about 6 drops to a pint of water.

It can be applied directly from the stock bottle to the lips, gums, temples, back of the neck, and behind the ear of a patient who is unconscious. If a conscious person is suffering from shock, add 4 drops to a cup of water and have the patient sip the water every 15, 30, or 60 minutes until the shocked feeling lets up.

Physical shock can send the emotional balance reeling, even when the shock is minor. So be prepared with a bottle of Feel5ive both in the house and in your car's first aid kit.