Update on Floral Acupuncture Book

Update on Floral Acupuncture Book

The book, Floral Acupuncture, finally arrived a couple of days ago, so thought I'd give you an update. One thing I can say about ordering from Amazon – it sure takes a while for the order to arrive. But… it's still better than driving from one bookstore to another in search of something.

The first pages of this book are a bit technical…explaining the progressive stages of healing with flower essences, then going into the ability of water to record a substance and the nature of meridians and acupuncture points.

I thought perhaps the whole thing would be "over my head" – especially when it got into the Five-element theory of acupuncture. I was afraid I might need a few courses in order to understand what I was reading. These first chapters would probably make perfect sense to an acupuncturist or a Bach Flower Essences practitioner.

But then… it got to the acupuncture points to use for each of the 38 Bach Flower Essences. This part I can understand easily. Each essence is introduced with a paragraph or two about what the essence is used for and the description of the flower and the plant.

After that it explains why the essence is used on a particular meridian, and each explanation is accompanied by a photograph showing the proper application point.

The next thing – and perhaps this is in the book and I haven't gotten there yet – is to determine how the different Bach Flower essences work to heal physical ailments. According to this book, people have been cured of some serious diseases – just by using Bach Flower Essences to re-balance their energies and bring their bodies into harmony.