Treating Physical Disease With Bach Flower Remedies

Treating Physical Disease With Bach Flower Remedies This week a friend is suffering from gout. He's the kind of man who usually looks to a medical doctor (and a pill) rather than his own actions and energies for help, but since this hurts, he decided to look a little farther.

First he read the natural health books and discovered that he should be drinking cherry and cranberry juice, and should be avoiding some of the other things in his diet.

Then, because Feel5ive has helped him through some rough days, he asked me about Bach Flower Remedies.

We started with Louise Hay's book, Heal Your Body, and saw that gout is a symptom of "The need to dominate, impatience, and anger."

This made sense, knowing my friend's personality and knowing the things going on in his life. He holds some anger from the past, but it is intensified by some unpleasant current events - which he's helpless to change.

After a bit of research on the Bach Flowers website, he decided on a blend of Holly, Cherry Plum, Wild Rose, and Impatins.

Now - if he'll just remember to use it and to do the mental work of trying to become at peace with himself and others... that gout shouldn't stand a chance.

If you'd rather let our experts help you find your blend, just visit FeelBach! and fill out the questionnaire.