The Positive Walnut Personality

The Positive Walnut Personality

As mentioned a few days ago, the Walnut Bach Flower Essence is indicated as an aid to dealing with change.

We should also take note of the strength of the positive Walnut personality.

Doctor Bach himself was a Walnut personality - going forward confidently, despite discouragement from those around him. He knew that his work with flower essences was important and he forged ahead despite ridicule - and despite the fact that he had little money.

Genuine walnut types are pioneers - unafraid to follow their own ideals. They have firm life goals, and as long as they remain in the positive state, stop at little to achieve them. When temporarily derailed by a negative Walnut State, they allow themselves to be distracted, and to doubt the messages from their higher selves.

The Walnut personality may not stand out as physically strong, but their mental strength is phenomenal.

While most Walnut personalities are not public figures and thus not recognized by the general population, we do have one strong example today: Glen Beck.

He is set on a mission to inform Americans about what is really going on in the world - and to urge them to return to spirituality. And... he has publicly stated that he doesn't care what it costs him. He forges ahead despite death threats, public attacks, and ridicule from those who oppose him.

Do you know a positive Walnut personality? Or are you one?