The Person Who Won't be Pleased

The Person Who Won't be Pleased Have you ever had to live or work around a person who criticized every thing you did or said? It isn't very pleasant, is it? But that person probably isn't pleasing himself or herself either.

In fact, he may very much long for harmony and connection with others, but is stuck in a negative Beech state.

People who have long been criticized or suppressed often develop this personality as a shield against being hurt. They develop an "I'll show you that I'm better than you" attitude. When the state is allowed to continue, the person mentally elevates himself to a position of superiority over others - and feels that he has every right to criticize even the smallest word or gesture.

Over time, the negative Beech personality loses touch with his or her own feelings and is completely unable to understand other people's feelings - or care about how their criticism and ranting hurts others.

Fortunately, a person who recognizes the problem and desires to change can be helped with Bach Flower Essences. The Beech flower remedy will help them reconnect with their higher selves and return to a state of joy, cheerfulness, and tolerance for others.

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