The Holidays – Time for the Larch Personality to Suffer

The Holidays – Time for the Larch Personality to Suffer

Larch personalities whose energy is out of balance are in for a tough time during the holidays – especially when they're forced into the host or hostess position.

When in balance, the Larch personality is realistic and able to assess situations objectively. He or she perseveres, even in the face of setbacks. But when Larch energy becomes unbalanced, feelings of inferiority take over.

The out-of-balance Larch personality knows absolutely that he or she "can't do it," or will fail upon an attempt to do it. As a consequence, the words "I can't" come up again and again, as do excuses not to try. Severe sufferers will even become ill to avoid facing situations they think they can't handle.

Thus, entertaining guests during the holidays – even if those guests are family – will be a painful experience.

If you feel that you're in this state, first stop and think if it is the pressure of the holidays that brings it on, or if you carry this feeling of inferiority throughout the year.

If the problem is chronic, begin treatment with the Larch Bach Flower Essence and continue until you come back into alignment. If it is seasonal, begin treatment a few weeks before the next stressful holiday.

With all the experiences life offers us, it's a shame to miss out and feel that you "can't" do what you'd like to do. So take charge – resolve to get your energies back into alignment with Bach Flower Essences in 2012.