Thanksgiving Insecurities

Thanksgiving Insecurities Thanksgiving brings so many reasons for insecurities to surface...

If you're the one cooking the feast, you naturally want everything to be perfect, and if you're insecure about your culinary skills, you may be worried to the point of feeling ill. For many, this insecurity causes them not to attempt such a thing - but sometimes you just can't get out of it, no matter how worried you are.

If you're seeing family members you haven't seen since last year, and things haven't gone well for you financially in this past season of economic turmoil, you may be worried about what they'll think of you. You may be bracing yourself for cutting comments or criticisms couched in the guise of "suggestions" for ways to get out of a financial mess.

Even if things are going fine, you may dread facing someone who always criticizes your haircut, your clothes, your children, your pets... and on and on.

These feelings all stem from a lack of self-confidence, and there IS something you can do about it.

Get over to FeelBach! and get a bottle of the Bach Flower Remedy Larch.

Larch can help you regain your self confidence, so that you're not afraid of what people think or say. You can let them babble on, trying to make themselves feel important, and realize that it isn't your problem - it's only their own insecurities that make them so obnoxious.

And, if it's the dinner you're worried about, you'll be able to get through it knowing that you DO know how to present a great meal - and if anything goes wrong, it's no big deal.

But hurry up... if your feelings of inferiority have been with you for a long time, you need to start changing those energies now, so that you're ready for Thanksgiving and for the whole holiday season.