Take Control of Your Life With Bach Flower Remedies

Take Control of Your Life With Bach Flower Remedies A couple of months ago a friend called to ask my opinion about a change she wanted to make in her life. She dislikes her job and wanted to do something else, but it meant taking some night classes and expanding her skills.

She started the conversation by telling me how she thought that job would be much more interesting and fulfilling and I agreed that it probably would. It's in a field that she's always found fascinating and in fact dabbles in as a hobby.

So what's the problem? Her brother pointed out that the starting pay was less than she's earning now. Her cousin said that if she'd be doing something as work that she thinks is fun it will ruin the fun of her hobby. Her mother told her she really didn't have time to take night classes. Her husband doubted her commitment to taking the classes. Another friend talked about the "security" of staying in her current job. Her sister reminded her that if she stayed where she is, she might get a promotion.

I said "Wait a minute. Why are you asking for everyone's opinion? What do YOU want to do?"

Again, she told me how excited she was about the idea and thought it was a really good idea, but then went back to what everyone else thought about it. I told her that what everybody else thought didn't matter, but I could tell I wasn't getting anywhere.

Then I realized that this is a pattern. She has second-guessed her every decision for the last couple of years. She asks everyone's opinion and generally ends up letting someone else make decisions for her. How sad.

So, instead of expressing the annoyance that was my first reaction, I talked to her about Bach Flower Essences and about re-balancing her energies. She was a little hesitant to believe that something so simple could give her control over her own decisions. But luckily she listened to me and didn't ask 16 other people for their opinions. (Lucky – because not everyone knows of the power of Bach Flower Remedies, and some might have talked her out of trying.)

She could have begun using Cerato by itself to overcome her lack of confidence. But I guided her to the FeelBach! Questionnaire and she instead began using a custom-made blend of flower essences that also addresses some of her other imbalances.

Now instead of asking for advice about how to run her life, she's asking for recommendations for a housekeeper to take over some of her household duties - so she can have plenty of time to attend classes and study for her new career.