Stressed out over school starting?

Stressed out over school starting? Back to School time can be stressful for both kids and parents.

The kids are worried about everything from being accepted by other students to pleasing a teacher or teachers who may be overbearing, to wondering if they'll be able to keep up with their course work.

And of course, they're stressed at having to leave behind the childhood joys of summer and once again settle down to getting up early, spending the day in a classroom, and doing homework in the evening. Some kids love it - many do not.

And then there's parental stress. It falls on you to make sure the kids are up and ready to go to school - that they have lunch or lunch money - that they remember to take everything they need. And often that all happens while you're trying to get yourself ready for work.

In a few weeks you may all settle into a routine. The kids hopefully won't be so fearful, and the stress will ease.

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