Springtime - a time of joy or depression?

Springtime - a time of joy or depression? Spring is here - at least that's what the calendar says.

But alas, here in North Idaho it forgot to arrive. Instead of looking out the window at daffodils and tufts of green grass, we watched the snow sliding from our roof all day.

It could be easy to get depressed over that, but our soil really did need extra moisture after several mild winters, so we're all working hard to pretend it doesn't matter if we can't plant our gardens in time to grow more than lettuce and spinach this year.

Unfortunately, for some the long winter just adds to a depressed frame of mind. And others will be pulled into deeper sadness by this coming week-end. Most Americans will be celebrating Easter - with religious services or with colored eggs and chocolate bunnies - or both. But most will be celebrating somehow, and usually with friends and family.

For those who don't have friends or family nearby, it can be a tough week-end.

If that's you, Bach Flower Essences can help. They can't change the weather, and they can't directly bring people into your life to ease lonliness, but they can help you cope.

Plus, if lonliness is getting you down, by rebalancing your energies, flower essences can help you project a more positive attitude toward the world, which very often results in bringing new and wonderful people into your life.

When we get down, we spiral further down and people tend to shy away because it just isn't much fun to be around someone who is unhappy. But when our own attitudes begin to lift and we begin to accept and embrace the joy and good that surrounds us, people feel that and are drawn to us.

If you feel "down" you may not even be sure why, but the questionaire at Feel Bach! can help you sort it out.

I wish you joy - this week-end and all year long...