Shed the Worry – Don't Let World Events Make You Sick

Shed the Worry – Don't Let World Events Make You Sick

Every time you turn on the TV, check your email, or read a newspaper there's more bad news.

From the decisions being made in Washington D.C. to events around the world, there's worry over politics. And then there's crime, job losses, the escalating national debt – and it goes on and on.

But can you change it by worrying? No.

You can help change a few things at home by voting. You can help ease some suffering in your own community by becoming a volunteer. You can add to prosperity in the world by working, and teaching your children that work is a good and honorable pursuit.

You can help protect yourself and your loved ones by using good sense. Follow a sensible diet, drive safely, avoid walking on dark streets, etc.

But you can't change world events or save people from their own destructive behavior. All you can do by living in fear is make yourself sick – and make your loved ones miserable.

So stop taking the world on your shoulders. Let go of the fear of what might happen.

Several of Dr. Bach's essences are here to help you.

Aspentreats pathological worry. Cherry Plum dissipates fear and the sense of losing control. Mimulus treats all types of fears and instills courage. Gorse and SweetChestnut give us confidence to face life with hope and positive feelings. Mustardfights depression. Red Chestnut dissipates fear of illness.

This is your life. Live it to the fullest by banishing the fears that tarnish your days.