Preserve the Past, While Enjoying the Present

Preserve the Past, While Enjoying the Present

The holiday season is upon us, and along with it, sadness for far too many people. We all experience a bit of nostalgia, but for some, it becomes the focus of their lives, preventing joy in the present.

Those who have lost loved ones and are now alone find this season to be the toughest time of year – when they see other people gathering with families, laughing and making memories.

And even for some whose families are all still living, the nostalgia is painful. We miss those years when our children were small and we could make the world wonderful for them with just a decorated cookie or a Christmas stocking.

We miss the huge gatherings, the noise, and the confusion. Quiet holidays feel somehow lacking.

The feelings are all too real, and they can lead to a deep depression if not recognized and dealt with.

Honeysuckle is the Bach Flower Remedy to help get through these days.

Treatment with Honeysuckle allows a person to move forward into enjoying things of the present. In a positive Honesuckle state, individuals are able to recall the past with fondness, keep what they've learned from it, and yet expect more good things from the present.

If you're "stuck" in the past, wishing for events and people who cannot come into your present experience, visit FeelBach! and begin treatment with Honesuckle now so that you can enjoy this holiday season.