Poor Digestion? You May be in a Negative Beech State

Poor Digestion? You May be in a Negative Beech State

What does digestion have to do with emotional balance? Well, as we've learned, our emotions often manifest themselves in physical ailments, and the emotion that prevents "digestion" of feelings is no different.

In the negative Beech state, a person projects his or her negative feelings onto the outside world – and doesn't recognize any shortcomings in his or her own personality. Thus, the sufferer becomes arrogant and critical of others. This criticism is always given without any attempt to understand another person's background or situation in life.

It is said that the Beech personality "Can see the speck in another's eye, but not the log in his own."

As with all other emotional imbalances, the negative Beech state stems from a disconnect from one's Higher Self.

After treatment with the Bach Flower Essence Beech, this person lets go of limited value judgments and opens up to his or her Higher Self. From there, he or she has a great potential for knowledge and self-knowledge.

Criticism can be transformed into understanding, while arrogance melts into love and tolerance.

Using the Bach Flower Essence Beech can transform and heal both physical and emotional digestion. So if you think you may be suffering from the negative Beech state, visit the Bach Flowers Reference Guide to learn more.

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