Pets Tune in to Your Feelings

Pets Tune in to Your Feelings Last week we were talking about how the economy can make you sick - because according to a Stanford University study, 95% of all illness is caused by stress.

Have you thought about how your stress affects your pets? When you're ill or upset what do they do? A friend told me this evening that when she's sick, one of her dogs hovers - stays right by her side and "fusses" over her. The other one hides.

Both of these animals are reacting to her feelings, each in his or her own way. And both are feeling stress because the person they love is under the stress of illness.

Pay attention to your pets. Are they behaving differently these days? It could be because they're picking up on your feelings about the economy - or about your illness or your worries about the illness of a loved one.

Keep an eye on them, and if you see behavior changes, consider treating them with Bach Flower Essences before their stress causes a physical ailment as well.

Feel Bach! has a questionnaire designed just for pets - and it will help you choose just the right combination of Bach flower essences to help them through this difficult time.

In addition to the fact that you love your pets and want them to be healthy and happy, having them become ill is a stress you just don't need!