Kids, Pets, and New Family Members

Kids, Pets, and New Family Members Are you bringing a new baby into your family soon? Or perhaps you're adopting an older child. Maybe you're getting married. Even bringing a new pet into your home can be upsetting for the children and pets you already have.

You may still be dealing with issues that started with getting a new puppy for Christmas.

A new family member necessarily causes a change in daily routine, and a change in where your attention is directed.

When you begin paying attention to someone new, your other family members can quite understandably feel pangs of jealousy. If they're insecure, they may begin to fear that you'll reject them completely and stop loving them.

That jealousy and fear can trigger feelings of anger toward the one who is taking your attention away from them. And those feelings can trigger guilt, because they're not "supposed" to feel the way they feel.

What a load of heavy emotion!

Of course you've tried to prevent this. You've tried to prepare your children for the changes taking place and you work hard to give them extra attention while they become accustomed to the new routine. When it's your pet who is upset you try to include them in your joy and give them extra attention as well.

But it isn't easy to deal with strong emotion, and even while you're joyful you yourself can become overly stressed.

Luckily, there is safe, effective help for all of you. The Bach Flower Essence blend called Feel5ive is a general-purpose anti-anxiety aid that may be all your kids and pets need to get them through this transition. And it may be all you need to keep your equilibrium and help them adjust.

However, if feelings of fear or jealousy have had time to fester and grow, they might need a Bach Flower Remedy that's more specific to their emotional imbalance. Gentian, for instance, treats despondence, while Holly treats jealousy.

To find the perfect blend for your children, your pets, or even yourself, use the FeelBach! Questionnaires. The questions, and your answers, will guide you to the perfect blend to get your family and you back into balance. Then you can all begin to enjoy the change you've made in your life.