It feels like you're being selfish, but…

It feels like you're being selfish, but…

If you've been using flower essences from Feel Bach! for any length of time, you know the good they do. It just comes naturally to you to reach for them any time something comes along to upset your life.

Most of us keep Feel5ive handy for times of stress, and we might have Joy or Get Hope Back for those times when we let circumstances get the better of us. I usually have no trouble sleeping, but I keep a Sweet Dreams formula handy for those times when sleep eludes me.

Knowing how well the Feel Bach flower essences work, we naturally want to share the good news with people we care about.

Unfortunately, some of them won't listen. Some are so sure that prescription drugs are the only "cure" for anything that they view what we use as "hocus-pocus."

My neighbor is a prime example. He doesn't sleep well, and even says that he dreads the night. But he won't take the Sweet Dreams formula I gave him because it's not "real medicine." He also won't take sleeping pills because they make him feel awful the next day. So… he goes on dreading the night.

I can't help him, so I've simply quit commenting when he mentions his sleepless nights. At least I know I tried.

Knowing the cure and not sharing it can feel like selfishness, but it isn't. It's simply respecting someone else's right to make his or her own mistakes.

So take care of yourself. Take care of your family. And if your supply of Feel Bach! Flower Essences is getting low, get over to FeelBach! and replenish your supply.

And someday, perhaps one of those nay-sayers will ask how you can stay so balanced and happy all the time, and you'll have the opportunity to share the secret.