If Guilt Has "Got You" Let it Go - with Pine

If Guilt Has "Got You" Let it Go - with Pine Last week we talked about White Chestnut, and how it can help you stop your mind from going over and over and over events that have happened - and worries about events that could happen.

If guilt is the reason why your thoughts won't let go, add Pine to your formula.

Everyone has made mistakes, but some of us can't seem to let go of them and move on. Sometimes it's our own mistakes that hang on - sometimes it's an inability to forgive and forget someone else's mistakes.

People who suffer from a chronic negative Pine state even feel guilty for mistakes other people make - and for events that aren't actually mistakes at all. They just feel guilty from morning to night - often for no good reason.

If you know someone in this state, you've probably noticed that they say "I'm sorry dozens of times each day."

Hanging on to all that guilt is detrimental to health and happiness - both for the sufferer and for the people who care about him or her.

So if you're the one suffering, put a stop to it. Get the essence Pine from FeelBach! and feel good soon.