If Alcohol is an issue...

If Alcohol is an issue...

Recently I recommended Bach Flower Essences to a friend whose daughter was suffering from some emotionally-based problems. My friend thought it sounded good until she realized that Bach Flower Essences are preserved in Brandy.

Then she said "No, it's dangerous for my daughter to even catch the scent of alcohol." It seems her daughter is an alcoholic who was, at that moment, on the wagon. My friend didn't want to offer anything that would trigger the next drinking binge.

Hers is an extreme case. For most, even for alcoholics, the amount of alcohol in Bach flower Essences is too miniscule to matter. It's probably less than they'd get by using mouthwash. The ratio of alcohol to the spring water and flower essences is 1 to 360 – or less than three tenths of one percent.

So, although there is not enough alcohol to do harm to infants, the ill, or the elderly, you can taste the brandy in this formula.

But that doesn't mean you can't use Bach Flower Essences. If you're sensitive to alcohol, or if you're buying for someone who is, go to https://www.feelbach.com/pages/bach-questionnaires to build a personal formula. Then, in the last step, select "alcohol-free".

If you own the set of Bach Flower essences and are making a formula for someone, use only 2 drops of each essence in the 20 or 30 ml bottle, and fill with spring water – omitting the brandy entirely.

Without the preservative, you'll need new formula more often, but if alcohol sensitivity is a real problem, it will be worth it.