How to choose the flower essence that's right for you, your child, or your pet

How to choose the flower essence that's right for you, your child, or your pet

When Dr. Bach formulated his 38 flower essences, each had a specific function.

Some will help with personality traits that could be holding you back from true happiness, while others will help you overcome anxieties and fears. Some work best in combination, which is why we offer general remedies such as Feel Bach's Feel5ive, our sleep formulas, our ADHD remedy, the stop smoking formula, etc..

FeelBach! offers two ways for you to choose the flower essence or the combination that's right for you.

If you wish to choose for yourself, start by reading the short overview of each essence at FeelBach! Then visit for more in-depth information about the essences you believe might be right for you.

The other is to let our experts choose for you. Simply visit FeelBach! and fill out the questionnaire. As you'll see, there are separate questionnaires for adults, for children, and for your pets.

From your answers to the questionnaire, our experts will determine which essences are needed to re-balance your energies and bring you back to a state of well being.

Once you've gotten your formula, you can go back to to read about the essences that were chosen based on your questionnaire answers. You just might gain some added insight into your subconscious!

And yes! Pets CAN be helped with Dr. Bach's remedies. We even have specific formulas for some of their most common problems:

Stress or sorrow due to the loss of a loved one, a move, a new baby in the house, etc. Fear of noise (from thunderstorms or fireworks) Separation anxiety

Life is supposed to be good - so if yours is giving you trouble, let Dr. Bach and his flower essences help. Visit FeelBach! today.