How Individuals Use Bach Flowers

How Individuals Use Bach Flowers In our last post I told you about one user's success with Larch. She also highly recommends Centaury, which she says is a blessing from the universe.

Here's what she had to say: "I am not a martyr by any means, nor do I think lowly of myself, but I do have a big heart, & I found that people would take that for granted and I would give to my own detriment. I WOULD ALSO ACCEPT LESS THAN I DESERVED! Centaury has helped me to look out for ME and cherish me and only accept the best (Love, good treatment) for ME!"

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The formal description of Centaury says it helps overcome feelings of inferiority and provides the courage to say no to unreasonable demands. But as this Bach flower user pointed out, sometimes this inability to say no stems from a true desire to help, even when you don't consciously feel inferior.

After a few years of going along with such a program, most people would then need to seek a remedy to alleviate anger! Holly, perhaps?

It just occurred to me that businesses and organizations would run far more smoothly if everyone had the courage to say no at appropriate times. Then people wouldn't take on far more than they could do well, might not turn in projects either half finished or poorly done, and wouldn't waste days in anger at those who expected too much.

Once again, we invite your stories. We love hearing how Bach Flower Remedies are making lives better - just 4 tiny drops at a time.

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