How fast do Bach Flower Remedies work?

How fast do Bach Flower Remedies work? Two weeks ago I was writing about surviving the heat - and now we're COLD! The squash plants now have black leaves from being hit with frost, and it's no fun to eat dinner on the patio any more.

Fall is definitely here, and just when I found the short pants I bought last fall to wear this summer. Ah well - next year.

Meanwhile, I've been thinking about how fast Bach Flower Essences work. A friend with no computer access called me a couple of days ago and asked me if I'd order him some more Sweet Dreams, because he had run out and had started losing sleep again.

He had started with the remains of my bottle - because when I used it for only a couple of weeks I was cured of sleeplessness and didn't need it any more. I gave it to him when he told me about his sleep problem, and it worked for him the very first night. After months of not sleeping, he was overjoyed.

So why did Sweet Dreams cure me almost immediately, but he needs to keep taking it indefinitely?

Of course I don't actually know the answer to that, but my guess is that it has to do with our relative health, and the medication he's taking.

My friend is quite ill - with everything from heart disease to kidney malfunction to diabetes. As a result, he's taking a dozen or so prescription drugs every day. It would scare me silly to put that much poison into my system, but when his doctors say "take this" he takes it. He's in that precarious position between being afraid to take the medication - and afraid not to take it.

That fear may have a lot to do with his sleep problems, too. So between the illnesses, the chemicals, and the worry, it may take a while for Bach Flower Remedies to make a permanent difference. I'm just thankful that they are there to give him much-needed sleep as long as he takes them.

With me it was just a matter of being unable to shut off my "mindspeak." I kept waking up thinking about things I needed to get done the next day or mentally re-writing something I'd done the previous day. The Bach Flower Essences re-balanced my energies and got me back on the right track quickly.

We'd love to hear about your experiences - to know how fast Bach flowers worked for you, and if you have influences like my friend's that are affecting your life.

Meanwhile - "Feel Good, Feel Bach!"