Holidays = Stress

Holidays = Stress

There's no way around it. Unless you happily live alone and are independently wealthy, holidays bring stress.

It might start with the money – how to stretch your budget around gifts and the extra expenses at the grocery store.

It might start with trying to live up to other's expectations.

It might start with knowing you'll be spending time with people who love to criticize you.

It might start with trying to fit all the extra activities into an already-full schedule.

And once you're in a "stress mode," things begin to snowball, causing you even more stress. But you don't have to stay in that mode. Instead, you can do two things: 1. Do the "sigh and look up" exercise. Simply let out a big sigh while looking toward the heavens. This helps release pent-up negative energy. It's also a great exercise to do when someone you love tests your limits. Instead of blowing up, just sigh and look up.

2.Take Feel5ive from Feel Bach!

I keep a bottle handy for those times when I need to calm down and get on with life. It even helps to relieve anxiety when you're heading into a situation that you think will be stressful. (Going to a dental appointment, giving a speech, meeting with your child's teacher, going to a job interview, driving on icy roads, or meeting your sweetheart's parents – just to name a few such situations.) Get your bottle of Feel5ive today and enjoy the holidays!

Oh – one more thing. Your pets also experience holiday stress, so put a few drops in their water dish each day when things around your house begin to get hectic.