Holidays and Your Dog

Holidays and Your Dog Memorial Day week-end - the start of the summer season for tourists, and here in Idaho, probably a disappointment to many. Cold wet weather isn't the friendliest setting for camping and boating, but I still saw plenty of people headed toward the lake today.

Many of those tourists had dogs with them, and this week-end they'll probably enjoy the vacation. But the next big holiday will be a different story. Fourth of July stands out as the holiday when the most dogs get lost. The noise of the fireworks scares even the calmest dogs, so they start running to get away from it, and many become hopelessly lost.

Even dogs who are kept in the house can be traumatized. So this year why not plan ahead? Get a bottle of Feel Bach's Thunder Storms remedy so both you and your dogs can enjoy the 4th.

This blend of flower essences helps dogs deal with all sorts of noises - like thunder storms, fireworks, and gun fire.

I'll never figure out why one of my dogs pays no attention to target practice, while another pays no attention to thunderstorms but gets scared even at the sight of a gun - or a gun case. She doesn't enjoy fireworks, either. I've had her since she was a pup, so I know no one has ever shot at her!

Meanwhile, the horses don't even look up from grazing when they hear gunshots or thunder. And they're supposed to be more high-strung than dogs.

Wishing you a memorable and happy holiday week-end!