Holiday Joy – or Holiday Stress?

Holiday Joy – or Holiday Stress?

Some folks can hardly wait - they're excited over the shopping, the cooking, the gift wrapping, addressing cards, and most of all - getting together at holiday parties and huge family gatherings.

Others are visibly shrinking as the holidays approach - they're dreading the whole season and wishing they could just go hide somewhere until it's over.

Which are you?

If you're so enthused over the holidays that you say "yes" to far too many requests, it may be time to prioritize. Which activities do you truly love, and which do you do because your participation is expected?

Dr. Bach's Centaury can help you say "no" to those activities that are low on your list of enjoyment. Meanwhile, the flower essence Oak can allow you to take much-needed down time rather than work yourself into exhaustion.

If you're finding yourself among those who dread the holidays, now is the time to figure out why they bother you so much, and do something to adjust your energies. You deserve to enjoy this season just as much as anyone else!

If you spend too much money, then suffer for it for the next several months, it's time to figure out why, and do something about it. Is it fear of feeling inferior if you don't give the "best" gifts? Centaury can help. Is it because you forget about or ignore the realities of your budget once you're caught in the holiday spirit? Clematis can help. Is it because you can't decide on the best gifts, so keep on buying? Scleranthus can help.

If you spend the holidays afraid because friends and family are traveling, Aspen will help you combat unfounded worry over their travel.

If you've lost a loved one this year and feel bitterness and self-pity as the holidays approach, Willow will help you to enjoy life as it now is.

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This year, enjoy the holiday season to its fullest, with help from FeelBach!