Help for the Cheerful Worrier

Help for the Cheerful Worrier Do you know someone who is always busy, always helping, always volunteering, and going to meetings and entertaining - and always putting on a cheerful face, even when their eyes tell you that they may not feel so cheerful inside?

That person may be someone for whom you have high regard – someone you'd like to become better acquainted with – but their reserve keeps everyone at arm's length. But don't feel hurt, because it's not just you they aren't getting acquainted with. They also aren't getting acquainted with themselves.

They engage in all that activity because they don't want to be alone with their own thoughts and feelings. Their worries and fears are always right there, under the surface, so they stay busy and occupied to avoid confronting them. If they got too close to you, conversation might lead to confidences, and that would not be comfortable for them.

Sadly, because these folks can't confront their feelings, they often turn to alcohol or drugs as a means of escape.

These are people who are in the negative Agrimony state – and they may have been living in this imbalance since childhood. Often this state is a result of a child learning early on that he or she must not show distress for fear of punishment.

Thankfully, treatment with the Bach Flower Essence Agrimony can relieve the inner tensions and anxieties that keep people in this stressful state. It allows them to face their inner conflicts and even be free to discuss their problems with others who can help alleviate their fears.

Agrimony is the Bach Flower Essence that relieves inner tensions, anxieties, and other hidden emotions. It provides relief for individuals who have suffered for years, and for those who have suddenly found themselves in a situation in where they don't feel free to let their feelings show.

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