Flower Essences for a Frightening August

Flower Essences for a Frightening August While this summer has brought torrential rains and flooding to some parts of the country, others are right now in the midst of the worst fire season in years. Thousands of acres are burning in areas with no rain in the forecast – just wind to further fan the flames.

Fear is an emotion felt by many.

While caution is a wise thing right now, fear can get in the way of daily activities. In fact, when left unchecked it can become paralyzing.

If your own fear has begun to erode your enjoyment of life, look to Dr. Bach's remedies. Mimulus is the flower essence that restores courage and puts reason back in the equation. This is the essence for those who are naturally of a delicate nature and prone to fearing things and situations that others do not fear.

For fear bordering on terror, choose Rock Rose. A principal ingredient of Feel5ive, Rock Rose helps restore courage in the face of emergencies, sudden illnesses, and natural disasters. It liberates the personality from its state of frozen fear and allows reason to prevail.

With the influence of Rock Rose, individuals are able to function and take necessary steps for survival in the face of emergencies. For instance, to think clearly, be prepared, and take action if it actually becomes necessary to gather belongings and get out of the way of an approaching fire or flood.

We can't control nature, but we can control the way our emotions react to nature's quirks.

If you're feeling fear, don't wait. Go to FeelBach! and order your Flower Essences today. In just a few days, you'll be feeling much calmer and more confident that yes, you and yours will get through this trying summer.