Feel5ive Saved the Day!

Feel5ive Saved the Day! A couple of days ago a friend confided in me that she had to appear in court yesterday, and she was terrified. She was sure that her fear would either cause her to say something stupid, or make her throat close up so she couldn't say anything at all.

Another alternative she'd thought of was that she might just throw up, or faint. This lady was scared with a capital S.

So... I looked on my shelf and found a bottle of Feel5ive for pets. And I thought "What the heck, it will also work for humans." Then I got in the car and went to her house. I told her to take a few drops before bed, a few more when she left the house in the morning, and a few more before she went into the courtroom.

Later in the day she called me, overjoyed because she hadn't made a fool of herself, hadn't said anything stupid, and hadn't been frozen with fear.

I'm sure glad I had that bottle on my shelf! Now I guess I'd better replace it - I don't think she wants to give it back.

I wonder if Dr. Bach realized all those years ago that his flower remedies would still be helping people and their pets long after his death. What amazes me is that in spite of all the modern technology, no one has found anything to replace Dr. Bach's methods or his blend for reducing stress.

I think it just goes to show that nature has what we need if we only look for it.

Wishing you health...