Feel5ive Does it Again

Feel5ive Does it Again

What would we do without Feel5ive? I can't even imagine.

This week was one of upheaval and confusion, because our good neighbor had to go out of town for a few days and we were appointed to babysit his 2 year old dog.

This was the first time since she came to live with him as a baby that he had left her for more than 3 or 4 hours, so she was confused and upset. On top of that, our own 3 dogs and 2 cats were experiencing worries of their own. Of course they were jealous, but they were also annoyed, because this little girl can be a bit over-enthusiastic about wanting to play.

She's always been what some would label hyperactive - bouncing off the walls looking for something interesting to do.

The cats were hissing or hiding. One of my dogs was either growling or hiding while another was openly snarling and another went into a blue funk over the attention my husband was giving to our guest.

And, since I had work to do that requires quiet time for thinking, I was a little upset myself.

That was the first afternoon. Then I remembered the Feel5ive. (Sometimes I'm a little slow.)

Since then I've added a dropperful to the water dish each time I filled it, and took a few drops for myself every time things got a little too noisy.

By the time our guest went home this evening all was well. She was a calm dog, snoozing by his feet while he told us about his trip. And earlier today, she and the others had been playing happily - with no growling or snarling.

And I was fine too - all because I remembered that little brown bottle.

Once again, I give thanks that Dr Bach gave us the gift of Bach Flower Essences.