Feel Bach! ships quickly, but I need immediately

Feel Bach! ships quickly, but I need immediately Darn - I wish there was a way to email Bach flower essences! I'm sure I could find a flower essence that would help me mellow out and accept the chaos of this day.

It all started this morning, when the County Road crews went to work about a quarter mile from our house. For some reason they've decided that after they empty their gravel trucks, they need to come past here to turn around and go back. They've been roaring by all day, except for a welcome relief during the lunch hour.

That wouldn't be so bad, but my dogs aren't used to traffic going by - we're the next to the last house on this road, and our neighbors are home bodies. In addition, they know that it's their job to alert me when there's someone here. So... I have run up the stairs at least 30 times today, just in case there really is someone at the door. One time there was.

I finally got them to come downstairs with me, and I was working away, thinking about what I was writing, when a truck went by. The ear-splitting bark of two dogs raised me a good six inches off my chair!

Most days I'm willing time to go slow so I can get more accomplished. Today I'd appreciate a little speed-up, so that crew will go home and my dogs will settle down.

I think for now I'll give it up, put the dogs in the truck, and go somewhere for a while...

Wishing you peace and serenity...