Does "Modern Science" know all?

Does "Modern Science" know all? To "anonymous" who suggested we read the wikipedia entry: You are not alone in thinking that if modern science doesn't understand, can't analyze it, and can't turn it into a patented pharmaceutical product, then it doesn't work.

But... some of us realize that modern science doesn't know all. This universe holds miracles that the human mind cannot comprehend, and we don't need to comprehend.

Most medical doctors don't understand energy - the vital force that cannot be measured in their laboratories. That doesn't mean it doesn't exist - merely that they don't understand it and can't control it.

Those of us who use Bach Flower Remedies can attest to their effectiveness. But then the "unbiased" writer on Wikipedia says its merely a placebo effect.

Does my dog know that? Does he watch me put "Home Alone" in his water dish the night before he's going to have to spend the day alone and think "OK, I have these flower essences and they're going to help me get through tomorrow." I don't think so.

Nor do the dogs and cats in shelters who are soothed and comforted by Feel5ive know why it just became easier to be in a strange and terrifying place.

The fact is, some of us are tuned in to nature and the wonders she provides. Others rely purely on medical science and pharmaceuticals, with all of their horrifying side effects.

We each have a choice, and my personal choice is nature. I use Bach Flower Essences from Feel Bach - and I feel good.