Does a Love Relationship Elude You?

Does a Love Relationship Elude You? As we near Valentine's Day, do you feel alone and unloved - and wish that you had a special someone with whom to share the occasion? Do you wish that just once your mailbox would hold a foil lined envelope holding a card that professes undying love and devotion? Do you dream of a candlelight dinner for two that never happens?

Perhaps if you re-balance the energies that are now holding you back, you can allow the love you seek to come into your life.

As hard as it is to accept, sometimes it's our own attitudes and behaviors that prevent us from having the relationships we long for.

Love is one of those relationships.

Perhaps you're critical of others and unconsciously push them away. Or perhaps you're so unsure of yourself that you simply can't reach out, or can't believe and accept it when someone reaches out to you.

Feel Bach! has the Bach Flower Essences blend that will help you re-balance your energies and rid yourself of those limiting emotions and behaviors.

It's called Love & Relationship - and the fact that Feel Bach! has it ready in a shelf blend should tell you something. You are most definitely not alone in your yearning for love.

The Love & Relationship blend will let you recognize your own worth and relate to others in a loving and accepting manner.

And if you get started with it right away - it might even happen in time for Valentine's Day...