Do You Suffer From Eye Strain?

Do You Suffer From Eye Strain? Working at a computer all day, working in a dusty environment, or living with stress can all put plenty of undue stress on your eyes, but there are natural, healthy ways to relieve the strain and let you see clearly again.

If you have the luxury of coming home to relax a few moments before getting on with evening chores, try a cucumber slice on each eye for soothing, immediate relief. Then, to remove the debris that may be causing irritation, wash your eyes with an ounce of distilled water containing one drop of pure lemon juice.

To protect your eyes and prevent the strain, try adding colorful fruits and vegetables to your diet. The reds, oranges, and yellows provide Lutein & other carotenoids, and protect the eyes from sun and age damage.

The Red and pink fruits and vegetables contain a range of carotenoids and vitamin C, and protect eyes from free radicals.

Dark green vegetables provide potent antioxidants and prevent age-related damage of the eye.

The dark blues and purples contain Anthocyanin, which protects the eyes from cancer.

While you can buy supplements for eye health at your health food store, the vitamins and minerals in colorful fruits and vegetables will add to your whole body health - and they taste good.

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