Do you do too much?

Do you do too much? Are you the dynamo in your group? Are you the one who serves on every committee... and then gets the work done while others fool around? Are you the one who provides cookies for every bake sale and tends your neighbor's dog while she goes on vacation?

Are you just unable to say "NO" to any request?

You may be in need of the Bach Flower Essence called Centaury.

As much as you love your family and friends, you may be feeling tired, overworked, and even slightly resentful of the burdens placed upon you. The only way out is to begin saying "no" or "Sorry, not this time." But when you're in the negative Centaury state, those words just don't seem to come. Instead you put on a cheerful face and say "Sure, I can do that."

Often, this "yes" state is caused by a fear of rejection, or a fear of taking charge of your own life. Centaury will help get your energies back in balance and allow you to be free of those fears.

Happily, the end result will not be rejection, but a new respect from friends and family when they realize that you do know how to take care of yourself as well as them.

Try Centaury now, and enjoy summertime along with your friends and family. You really don't have to be the one to get all the work accomplished while others relax on the beach! Just get on over to FeelBach! to place your order - then get ready to start doing some of the things YOU want to do.