Do you become paralyzed by fear?

Do you become paralyzed by fear?

Many years ago, when I was in college, I was required to take a speech class – and I found it terrifying.

We had to write and present three speeches that semester, and once the deadline for preparedness came, we never knew which day we would be called upon to present. I got stomach aches just thinking about going to class.

Back in those days I didn't know about Dr. Bach's flower essences. I did know about tranquilizers, and I took one every day that I might be called upon to speak.

Looking back, I know I wasn't doing my body any good by ingesting those pills. I doubt that I did my presentations much good, either, by being a bit groggy and spaced out every day.

Fast forward to about ten years ago when I was presented with another situation that, for me, was equally terrifying. But this time I had Feel5ive. Knowing what came ahead, I began taking it three times a day.

I got through that situation without stomach aches and without taking dangerous prescription drugs. I counted on Feel5ive to keep me calm, and it did. While I still had fear, it wasn't terrifying. Today I keep Feel5ive on hand all the time. It helps me through everything from visits to the dentist to having to travel over icy roads in winter. I also give it to my dogs before a visit to the vet. (Yes, dogs can experience "White coat syndrome" just like humans.)

If you have situations in which you feel fear, or if your children or pets face fearful situations, come over to FeelBach! and add Feel5ive to your medicine shelf.