Did Bach Flower Essences Cure His Gout?

Did Bach Flower Essences Cure His Gout? Last week I told you about a friend who was suffering from gout.

I had talked him into considering the cause. According to Hay's book, Heal Your Body, it was impatience and anger, which he knew he had.

Then I convinced him to try Bach Flower essences to treat the emotional reasons for his pain. After a bit of research on the Bach Flowers website, we settled on a blend of Holly, Cherry Plum, Wild Rose, and Impatins. After all, Bach remedies will do no harm, even combined with medications, so he had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Fortunately, I have the entire set of 38 Bach Flower Essences on my shelf, so he started treatment right away.

Deciding on a 2-pronged approach to the problem, he also started drinking cherry juice.

Which one cured the gout? Or was it the combination of Bach Flower Remedies, cherry juice, and the energy he was focusing on healing?

In contrast to this natural means of healing is our neighbor. He suffered a severe gout attack some time in the summer of 1967. His doctor prescribed a remedy, which worked, but advised that he needed to take it religiously in order to avoid a future attack. That man has been taking that prescription every morning now for almost 45 years!

I don't know about you, but that doesn't sound at all appealing to me.