Could Wild Oat help you through the economic crisis?

Could Wild Oat help you through the economic crisis? It just occurred to me that the old folks used to talk about youngsters "Sowing their wild oats..." but that's not what I'm talking about.

In fact - far from it.

I'm talking about Wild Oat - the Bach flower essence - and the very serious subject of your career.

Right now American citizens are faced with making a lot of choices about our financial lives, and we're faced with far more uncertainty than feels comfortable. With many companies cutting back - or downsizing - people are worried about future earnings. Thus, many are thinking of adding some kind of self-employment as a second income.

For many people, the second income has soon replaced the first - and they're happier than ever before.

But - deciding to invest savings to get started is difficult. And when a person has more than one good idea, deciding which to pursue is difficult as well.

Others are trying to decide if they should switch jobs or careers - a big decision when the rule of thumb is usually "Last hired, first fired" when companies have to downsize.

Wild Oat is the Bach flower remedy that focuses on career. It provides decision making skills to help us identify the career we want, the life we want to live, and the paths to take in life.

If you're torn between 2 or more ideas - or can't decide if you even should try to pursue some kind of self employment, or take a new position that's been offered, Wild Oat will help.

Making good decisions is crucial to success - let Wild Oat help. Read all about it in your Feel Bach! Flower Essences brochure, or visit the Feel Bach! website and read the descriptions you'll find there.