Change is in the Air - Reach for the Walnut Bach Flower Essence

Change is in the Air - Reach for the Walnut Bach Flower Essence

Late this month, parents around the world will see their children move into the next stage of life – going off to college and living without the protection and guidance of "home."

For both those parents and their children, this change is a dramatic one.

Everyone is outwardly happy and excited, but at the same time, often wishing to hold on to the past just a while longer.

The Bach Flower Essence Walnut will ease this transition time and allow both parents and their children to move forward with confidence and positive expectations – free from longing for the past.

The negative Walnut state is generally temporary, but none the less debilitating. In this state, a person has a delayed reaction to impulses from the higher self and is unduly influenced by pressure from others. In this state, the sufferer may temporarily lose direction and thus doubt the decision to move forward.

Walnut is also indicated when other life changes occur – both voluntary and involuntary. Use it when moving to a new residence, when going through a divorce, or when dealing with the death of a loved one.

For an extreme state of agitation over a change, additional Bach Flower Essences may be indicated for use with Walnut. Come to FeelBach! and take the Bach questionnaire to see if you should use Walnut alone, or in combination.